blackfly canoes for sale

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As a tandem, the prototype tested well with two 170ish paddlers, and could probably have gone a bit more. Canoe And Kayak Canoes Paddle Kayaking Boats Oc Bike Bicycle Ships. We took everything we’ve learned from making the Option, Octanes, and Ion and set it off to the side, questioned everything, and designed the Condor from the ground up with the goal of a boat that is ‘easy to paddle fast.’  We’ve always believed the fastest boat is the one you can paddle the fastest; not just in a straight line, but hit your lines, run dry lines, and not feel like the boat is fighting you. Home; Canoes. BlackFly successfully completed its first 30-mile flight with a 200lb pay… No float bags, so you'll have to buy new ones ( which means no holes!) American Made Whitewater Canoes. The Condor has been released into the wild! FREE Shipping. Home; Accessories; Blog; About. Blackfly Canoes, New Hampton (New Hampshire). American Made Whitewater Canoes. It resides in Fairfax, VA. We're asking $850, but will entertain all reasonable offers. Whitewater Canoe for sale - $250 (Key Peninsula) Old Valley Mill Boats Blackwater for sale. Each type of canoe comes in two categories, solo or tandem, based on the number of people it holds. TAKE FLIGHT. The Blackfly Option is a displacement hull creeking canoe, perfect for technical whitewater, steep creeks, and big drops. Option; Ion; Octane 85; Octane 91; Octane 92; Condor; Mosquito Burrito; Shipping Info; Accessories; Blog; About. there's a small discount on shipping multiple boats to vancouver (from NH), but if we get an order of 5+ boats we might be able to get a discount. Group Buy: Blackfly Canoes? The BlackFly and other Opener vehicles will be on display at the 2018 EAA AirVenture Convention in Oshkosh, Wisconsin from July 23 to July 29, 2018. My pink Octane made an appearance on the Gatineau and styled Gueule de Lion (Mouth of the Lion). Voir leurs importations passées de Shanghai Jiechuang Mold, un fournisseur basé en China. A proof-of-concept vehicle made its first flight in October 2011. Whitewater Canoeing, Blackfly Canoes, The original down-river play canoe. The initial concept of BlackFly was first unveiled in August 2009 by Opener’s founder and CEO, Marcus Leng. River Running Length: 8’10.5″ Paddler weight: 170-350lbs. Post by NedPoff » Thu Mar 28, 2013 10:33 pm Orange plastic Blackfly playboat for sale. /*

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