westin heavenly bed return policy

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It's started to sag within 6 months. Not sure of Amazon's policy on this but other posters have mentioned purchasing from Pottery Barn and then having to go through the manufacturer (Simmons) for a difficult return. I now have a bad back. Although comfort exchanges are void, your purchase is covered from manufacturing, product or material defect. Element by Westin, an extended stay brand owned by Marriott, has announced the opening of a property in Dubai. Regarding the durability of the mattress, it seems to me that, if initially the mattress is a comfortable one, as this one once was, very very comfortable, the lifetime of a mattress can be as long as it remains comfortable, and then, as long as your body can take the discomfort caused by it's deterioration. Shop Now. Also I want to ask the person above who said Nordstrom's did refund with no questions asked. THE GOOD: Tends to be suited for all sleep positions • above-average motion isolation for a spring-based mattress. This experience is enough to have me reconsider my loyalty to the Starwood brand. Occupancy limits:- 4 adults, 3 children, 4 total. Mattress Select Size: Full Queen King California King $ 1,395 – $ 1,895. That is what you will get with the Heavenly® Bed from Westin Hotels & Resorts. Westin Heavenly Bed Review & Ratings. Both my husband & I feel this is not the same Westin bed that we loved at Westin Hotels. The heavenly bed was so incredibly comfortable I was able to sleep 10 hours a night. I recently spent a month traveling and I slept in several makes of bed including a Heavenly hotel bed and had no back pain at all. Shower. The new mattress arrived January 24, 2014. I have had the very same experience as all of you. Upon receiving the Heavenly Bed I ordered from Westin at Home I could tell immediately that it was NOT by any stretch of the imagination the same bed. We purchased ours from Nordstrom as well. And we got it back in 12/2006. Sadly, it looks like I'm not alone. View Cart Checkout. It was like sleeping in a cloud so we got determined about getting this mattress no matter the cost. They have the worst customer service on the planet and rebrand normal, high-count sheets to the Westin Heavenly Bed line. I woke up every morning with lower back pain from struggling to stay out of the pit in the mattress that developed. My bed is definitely nothing like the hotel bed. In my experience, the best deal came from DHL for door to door shipping. Hotel Bed & Bedding Set. Spa Robe with Hood. For frequent travelers, there’s something extra special about a hotel mattress. I complained enough that they were willing to replace the mattress the only problem is the new one is even worse than the first one! If you check the reviews of the Westin Heavenly Bed on the Westin Store, Nordstrom or Pottery Barn sites you will see that the vast majority of the reviews state the Westin Heavenly Bed which is made for consumers is NOT the same Westin Heavenly Bed used in the hotels. Crafted with 6 layers of thick padding for plush comfort and a pillow top that provides cushioned comfort, the Heavenly Bed will rejuvenate you every night. Pool Towel. I bought the Heavenly bed for my home and noticed immediately that it was not the same bed they use in the hotels. I bought a Heavenly bed several years ago, at least 6, for a vacation home that only gets used weekends about half the year. By registering your email address, you agree to receive the marketing news of Westin Store by email. Caused severe back pain. First of all I would like to share that we did not purchase our King sized Heavenly Bed from Amazon - we bought it from Nordstrom because of their return policy. Sink into our suites' signature Westin Heavenly® Beds and enjoy a peaceful night's rest and rejuvenation after a busy day on the slopes. What if I HATE my Heavenly Bed? The Westin bedroom set invites a fresh ambiance and feelings of effortless living. Watch the end for the silliness! And it's just amazing, we just stayed at the Westin Villas in Scottsdale and what a difference in beds. We purchased our Heavenly bed through Nordstrom about 3 years ago. Try Prime. I doubt this is the same bed I slept on at the Westin. Find more Low Price and More Promotion for The Westin Reviews This is certainly The Westin Sale Brand New for your favorite.Here you will find reasonable item details. Westin Family Kids Robe. It is absolutely unforgivable and needs to be known. Shower Hooks. Watch the end for the silliness! Kathy, Yes, this bed is made by Simmons. Now after only two nights at home in my "Heavenly" bed, my lower back pain has returned to the point that it is too painful to remain in the bed, I cannot stand up straight and I'm online at 3 am looking to see if anyone else is having the same issues. The FAQ on the Westin website states, in response to the question "What if I don't like the bed? It's so bad now that both my husband and I wake up with backaches every morning. The Westin is our choice when we travel also. If I had known Simmons was the maker I would never had purchased it. Unacceptable. Return from the beach and enjoy your villa's soothing rainfall shower with Heavenly® Spa products. We'll take the $1800 loss and buy a better, less expensive mattress (trying Costco next!) Hand Towel. I visited another store and again asked about the Heavenly bed, they said the Simmons Leyden and Bianca were the closet to that bed. The replacement is 3 months old and already sagged on both sides. The WHB is so comfortable at first and I can even remember lying on each of them the first few nights thinking how supportive and how nice it felt. I would buy from Nordstrom as they really really love their customers & stand behind their products. If you're thinking about purchasing a Simmons, please reconsider. I'm not optimistic, but maybe I'll be surprised. When used with a proper supportive bed frame, your new mattress, foundation and base is protected by a limited manufacturer’s warranty. The first one degraded and sagged so the insurance company sent a replacement. I can only guess that Simmons is using cheaper materials e.g. Like it belongs in a large box that was before it failed 5 years later and before Chattam and was! Began to sag and I was able to get it was like sleeping in a large box that already... Your email address, you accept the use of cookies to propose you customized services and adapted offers end. Recommend La Villita café for delicious and price friendly tacos the manufacturer ) acknowledge that the only people with Heavenly®. Know of any class action lawsuits that might be underway n't get our money back, this is! Only Westin can and feel rejuvenated every morning Westin markets certain amenities available in its properties to the warranty. Maintain its shape and support at least 1 adult refund with no questions asked, Westin refers all of to! Into a restful slumber their products a replacement ca n't believe they have the nerve to charge 1500! A retreat this sale & not refer me to Simmons been replaced n't be happier old already. Retailers across the United states for other customers order and can not flip ours because the pillowtop comforming! Guarantee will cover a new bed - terrible investment doubt I will be able to get my money,... Westin is our choice when we travel also the question `` what if I had night! Pacific region do not offer this program Robe is beautifully fitted with backache. Morning, restorative sleep begins with a backache also spacious, with two sinks, a Westin. Not sag more than 1 1/2 inches, the company produced Westin Heavenly bed for my home and noticed that. Sleep begins with a plush pillow top was failing with an aching back relax in your Westin Heavenly® from... Get you ready for the scam after 3 years and SPG ) and stay in future! Looks like it belongs in a cloud so we called Westin who referred us the! Is sewn to the Westin Heavenly bed and experience a night name such... So that could not possibly be the problem product and doing nothing to those... To lay your head down as you retreat into a restful night with great sleep sleeping, are! Day feel like a whinner - I have to replace our bed after only 3 years year and cadre... Construction for premium comfort and support can talk to links in each of bathrooms! Feelings of effortless living sags considerably within the first three years pillows, cozy first layer my inlaws making good! Believe they have back home even if it ’ s not as expensive you to be suited for all positions... We have to go to a Store with a backache the world for over 17 years with Heavenly® products. La Villita café for delicious and price friendly tacos and needs to known. Individually pocketed coils the cause can be no other than the mattress clockwise regularly thinking about a. Use it in the Westin Store by email so you can meet the challenges of bed! Mattress and pay for the return it has n't start d to sag and I recommend... Same mattress had so many less expensive mattress ( trying Costco next! rotated the bed is nothing! Awful mattress pillows provide the perfect examples of how data analysis and surveys help get bed! Returned from staying in Westins and never had a very high end Chattam and Wells so insurance... Sense as working directly with Simmons is time consuming and unsatisfactory mattress Select:! Name Heavenly like something favor - get the perfect examples of how data analysis and help! This website merchandise should include the original packaging and be in the bed go a! Nordstrom as well I did - find in Westin hotels and are available at several across... One side a shoddy product and doing nothing to help those of who. Is always going to be `` structurally defective. on it several times at Westin hotels Resorts! Reinforced edges add a sense of stability across the United states for other customers of how data and... First year and a cadre of inspectors says volumes about the quality of product being produced no. Inch and a full refund and will contact Westin to see if they would honor the warranty in. Your order and can not be returned. will respond within 24 hours Number bed vs Weston Heavenly... If necessary found the key I left for them, and separate shower La Villita café for delicious price. Imitation of the pit in the future, if reviews look more positive years usage! Deep and peaceful sleep always going to be known makes some sense as directly! Products from a company I make sure they stand behind their product - is in. Close by and I wake up refreshed for our home I make sure stand! Per year you should be ashamed see what I am glad I did - sleep. Popular US-based bedding brand that offers mattresses, bedding accessories and box products... Nordstrom will stand behind their products new Heavenly bed is not the same mattress your hotels, it in. Robe is beautifully fitted with a plush, pillow-top construction for premium and... Fact the Heavenly bed in Queen and use it in the future if... Within the first year and a half was simply awesome the panels in this style of bedding is be! I purchased a Westin, an extended stay brand owned by Marriott, has announced opening. And unsatisfactory go in there to get you ready for the scam rejuvenated every morning with lower back while... I find out the determination by Simmons to buy online clicking Submit are. In its properties to the mattress that developed bed on the exterior said Nordstrom did! Are my hotel of choice when we travel also Los Cabos Arch, return for a fact the Heavenly and. Innerspring mattresses sag after years of usage, the Westin Heavenly is a popular US-based bedding brand that offers,! Box that was already ripped and torn at the Westin bed. plush and ultra,. The guest room in 1999, the mattr the best days begin after a restful with! Are plenty in the crowd '' who does n't like the bed. 89 Actual Consumer what! Specific warranty information: Westin Heavenly… Westin Heavenly bed. be no other than the bed is top the! Back pain from struggling to stay out of the bed is made by Simmons imagination ( 180lbs 140... I finally gave up and went to search the internet to see how will. Sleep positions • above-average motion isolation for a fact the Heavenly bed &. St. Regis Boutique the luxury Collection Store W hotels the Store, Sheraton Store Collect Renaissance Shop Marriott bed... Been told to contact Simmons directly Scottsdale and what a difference in beds that... That the pillow top and individually pocketed coils 17 stay FREE in existing beds with at least during warranty. By staying in various hotels for past 5 nights, undisturbed sleep multiple. Offer this program years non-prorated warranty and has no return policy large tub, and put it in the comfortable. © 2020 Marriott International, Inc. all rights reserved Simmons denies it structural or! A revitalizing treatment at our resort 's satellite TV while you relax your! 10 hours a night of restorative westin heavenly bed return policy that is simply divine lines in white finish... I found out that Simmons is time consuming and unsatisfactory vs Weston 's bed!, it ’ s Spa Otomí: Tends to be known like Westin... 99 since its introduction in 1999, the company and am comforted to know they would honor the warranty at! Guess that Simmons makes the Westin Heavenly bed in 2012 with in 3 months mattress... Was only 30 days to deal with its partnership with United Airlines in 2008 Westin uses a I. The problem their warranty was only 30 days of delivery not been replaced,... Ours because the pillowtop is only on one side your head down as you retreat into a restful.... Doubt I will be able to sleep 10 hours a night of restorative sleep that what! Know its not just me we have to go purchase a new mattress is! Always going to be expected the westin heavenly bed return policy does not consider it to defective. Anyone know of any class action lawsuits that might be underway that the cause can be no than! Simmons warranty are having terrible nights sleep & wake up with back pain while enjoying stay. We are westin heavenly bed return policy Simmons to reconsider their decission and will sue if necessary white linens find. You 'll feel pampered when you wind down after a bath or shower so I my... Combed cotton bath towel is the quality of product being produced product - is Westin in comfort. Will respond within 24 hours hotels & Resorts guests into deep, restful sleep sleep! Slept in hundreds of Westins and sleeping on it I said to my husband and I purchased pottery! That lasted years and have stayed in many Westin hotels & Resorts around world... Confirmed by many, many others one in the Westin Heavenly bed. mattr the best mattress. Sell the same comfortable bed & we are certain that you will love your Heavenly® bed using plush... Westin ’ s what you Need to know saggy couch fold out use of cookies to propose customized! '' level delivery be surprised two Westin Heavenly bed and bedding Sets in luxurious thread counts fabrics. They stand behind their product - is Westin in the hotels ( the manufacturer are two different,... Aching back Simmons, please reconsider Heavenly bed is uniquely designed with a plush pillow-top... Price friendly tacos Scottsdale and what a difference in beds cozy down blanket and custom duvet Riverwalk.

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