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The first step in terms of obtaining a replacement is knowing the part number of your existing part that you need replaced. Other Parts. You must remember that many of the items, including Harbor Breeze Remotes (Affiliate link to Amazon), will be universal items, meaning they will be suitable for many different brands of ceiling fans including Harbor Breeze. Harbor Breeze Replacement Parts: Ceiling Fans Remotes & More. To get any part replaced for your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan you will need to call Litex Industries based in Texas on 1 800 527 1292. Amazon is a huge online store and carries a great deal of stock including Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans and Parts. I have made a consolidated list below that you can use with the contact information above to get your part. The season slide switch may not be engaged, you will need to firmly push the season slide switch either to the right or left on the remote control. If the fan is light kit adaptable, you can purchase a light kit to add onto an existing ceiling fan. Many of the results at the time of writing included: downrods, canopy’s, pull chains, down covers, yoke covers, motors, motor housing covers, rubber housing cap plugs, ball hanger mounting bracket, fan blades, fan arms and lots more. Over the last few years, this website has grown into a pillar of the Home Decor industry with tens of thousands of site visitors each month. From United States. or not move at all. Just search for your particular model of ceiling fan then take a look at the product listing. To get any part replaced for your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan you will need to call Litex Industries based in Texas on 1 800 527 1292. If you know the make and model of the fan, Lowe’s customer support should be able to help. The model number is usually 5 digits in length whereas the item number is 6 digits in length. The model number on a Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan can be located on the top by the motor. Top Rated Seller. Use the search term: Harbor breeze Remotes (Affiliate link to Amazon). Try replacing out the capacitor, you might find that the problem is fixed for a few dollars saving you having to buy a new ceiling fan. Most times the Home Depots and Lowe’s stores of the world don’t carry too many of the replacement … Before contacting Litex Industries it’s important to have your Model number and/or Item number ready, as this will make it faster for them to locate your needed part. We’re not just talking about Harbor Breeze remotes either, but remotes in general. However, in saying that there is a great deal more variety on eBay. Turn the power on and then press the reset button, you will need to hold it down until the light comes on and the ceiling fan goes to the medium speed setting. Check the reversing switch and make sure the reversing switch is not in between positions. The best place to get these universal arms are here below on eBay’s website: The other place we would recommend is contacting Litex Industries directly (See the information above on how to do that), We found that Amazon had a number of listings with very good pricing for the replacement light kits. Also for: Portes lp8293lbn, Santa ana lp8294lbn. I really recommend you call Litex Industries though before calling Lowes as customer help was not very good with Lowes in my opinion. More Details. You can find out more about me on our About Us page. The hours of operation are between 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM Monday through to Friday. Anderic A25-TX012 Replacement for Harbor Breeze Remote Control - Works Mazon, Kingsbury, Wakefield, Portes, Saratoga Ceiling Fans with 6-speed DC - HBR001 - RRTX012. You can read more on our About Us page. If you need to replace the motor on your fan, you may be in for a bit of trouble. If you want to remove your light kit then you would use an end cap to make it look tidy. Both Amazon and Lowes appear to have no available stock. The pricing was usually cheaper than most other places online that we checked. If you do find yourself in this situation, try purchasing a universal remote. These numbers are useful when you are wanting to enquire about parts and related questions for your particular ceiling fan. Here is the video of our telephone call below: As you can see by viewing the video above, this company will be able to provide you with many different replacement parts, and being the manufacturer is probably going to be the best first place to try. You need search broader since there are fewer results and listings. If the ceiling fan looks like it is trying to turn and a bad groan sound is heard or smoke is seen then turn off the ceiling fan and replace the motor. I don’t recommend Craigslist for searching classifieds, although you might get lucky and just find the replacement part you are looking for. Turn the power off and inspect all of the wire connections to make sure there is no faulty wire connection. Contractor's Assistant: Do you plan on doing the work yourself? The black or hot wire operates the ceiling fan, the white wire operates the light and fan and the green wire is the ground wire. for pricing and availability. I have also included which contact above is best for providing the part to save you time and effort making calls or checking out places that don’t have that particular item for sale. The capacitor is not difficult to replace. If broken or not working properly, a telltale sign is the fan will not move properly Take a look at the picture below for the Harbor Breeze Centreville Ceiling Fan. 5.0 out of 5 stars. Refine Results Ceiling Fans - 25. done clear all. However, you really need to know how to go about locating the right part by using the correct search queries on Amazon. Check all of the light bulbs and make sure that they are installed correctly. Check that the batteries are ok and check and push the reset button that is located under the cover. You might want to use one of the old blades as a template for drilling the holes correctly for the new blades. Eogifee Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Control and Receiver Kit Replacement of Hampton Bay Harbor Breeze Hunter FAN-53T 2AAZPFAN-53T Kit Check Today's Price Best Selling Fan of 2020 Please note this is a general list and you should always seek the professional advice from a qualified electrician before attempting any electrical fixes to your fan. We found their customer service to be very helpful and easy to contact. You can take the damaged or broken part to a local Lowe’s and see if they can help you to find a replacement. Buy It Now. Harbor Breeze Lighting Parts & Accessories. Replacement for Harbor Breeze FAN35T Remote and Wall Mount for Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans - FAN-35T, FCC ID: L3HFAN35T1 . Nearly every day you'll find me searching for newly updated manuals to help myself and others who visit this site. You can search by any city within the United States (and worldwide if you want to go further abroad) for any product or item and even services. Best Match. To make this article even more complete I have mentioned some of the more sought after replacement parts that you can get for your Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan below. Time left 3d 17h left. You can check current items by searching: ‘Harbor Breeze Parts’ (Affiliate link to Amazon). They have most of the replacement parts that you might need. Price . Obtaining a replacement part for your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan does not have to be a chore. We haven’t found a reliable source for these as yet. Many times the review left by a buyer will mention if it worked well for their Harbor Breeze model or not. When asking a question online and looking for a replacement Harbor Breeze part, it’s important to know the make and model of the fan. Ceiling fan replacement parts for Harbor Breeze Ceiling fans may be purchased at Lowes.com. Share. Affiliate Disclosure. Ensure the Harbor Breeze replacement parts are rated for damp locations if you are planning to use your ceiling fan outdoors, even if it is a covered porch or patio. Use this Search: Harbor Breeze Light Kit (Affiliate link to Amazon), However, if you are wanting to pay a little more with a few more options, around 16 different light kits at the time of writing, then the next best option would be Lowes. It adds on a second function of the fan. It can also be found in the instruction manual and also on the ceiling fan box. 3.5 out of 5 stars 2. We have most of the replacement parts that you need, if in case, we do not have those parts, then you can get the desired part on their website. Over the last few years, Hampton Lighting Advice has grown into a pillar of the Home Decor industry with tens of thousands of site visitors each month. Harbor Breeze. Model #41690. As I have stated in other articles Craigslist.org is more of a classified ads website. It would often say in the instruction manual of your fan. 265. They are pretty cheap so it is worth a try if your ceiling fan spins but only slowly or at a fast speed. Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans are made in China with the United States manufacturer being Litex Industries based in Texas. We found them to be very helpful with customer support giving us a very good user experience. But again, I feel that this should only be your last resort. The part may need to be ordered and may not be readily available at the store itself. Now that you know the basic part names and what they do, if you want to order replacement parts their are many reputable vendors on the internet that will assist you. Also keep in mind you will need to have your model number or item number available, so make sure you have that handy before you make the call. Harbor Breeze Angled Ceiling Adaptor #0115702. “As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.”. Replacing the motor is the most difficult part of the fan to replace. for pricing and availability. for pricing and availability. Motor replacement – If the ceiling fan is making noises, like humming noises. Buy It Now +$4.99 shipping. You can call Lowe's 1.800 number or try a local store. There should be some troubleshooting tips in the guide. The mounting bracket is the part of the Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan that holds the fan to the ceiling. Commonly older model fans will use parts that are not available in the store. Obviously, with some of the older ceiling fans, it will be harder to locate a part. The downrod absorbs the motion to keep it balanced and centered this is how it does its job. Watch ; Parts only Harbor Breeze Kingsbury 70-in Oil Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fan M/BRACKET. Compare; Find My Store. Hampton Lighting Advice also is a participant in Amazon Associates Program. (c) 2016 Ceiling Fans & More. I know how difficult it can be to find replacement parts for your Hampton Bay products and especially for your Hampton Bay Patio Heater. Pre-Owned. An example of this is below: We will be putting many of the links to the manuals and guides on our website in the future so keep an eye out. Harbor Breeze 44” Mazon Hugger Ceiling Fan Brushed Nickel AA BB PART PART NAME PART NUMBER A Mounting Plate 102600-1011BK C Trim Ring 102900-0068BN D Blade (dual finish)(set of 3) 102200-0153ZW E Light Plate 103300-0143BN F Light Fixture (18 watt LED module) 105000-0784WW G Glass 991300-0545AQ J Remote Pack-Hand Held Remote Remote Control Receiver (not shown) … Your Message / Search. medianet_height = "250"; If you do not have a manual then check the information below on how to get a manual for your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan. 0 Shares. Replacement is not difficult, but you will need to un-mount your existing fan and disconnect the wires, etc. We have added a number of Harbor Breeze replacement fan … Harbor Breeze 44-in Matte White Ceiling Fan Replacement Parts. The nice thing with eBay is that you can also find listings of old or unworking Harbor Breeze fans that can be salvaged for parts. It should return a few hundred items. Check all of the wire connections and make sure that the wires are 12 gauge. In the event; however, that you do need to replace the mounting bracket, they are available. Check the model or part numbers in your owner's manual to ensure the compatibility of replacement parts. PORTES LP8293LAZ fan pdf manual download. The physical address of Litex Industries, if you wish to write to them is:3401 W Trinity Blvd, Grand Prairie, TX 75050, United States. Model #40837. Harbor Breeze | Ceiling Fan Parts & Accessories . Harbor Breeze downrod is another replacement part which is a part and parcel of a ceiling fan. They are the manufacturers of the Harbor Breeze brand and carry most of the replacement parts you might be needing. They carry most replacement parts depending on the age of the ceiling fan. Brand New. Generally you can buy a Harbor Breeze fan for $200 to $300, you may even find them less than this at your local Home Depot store. $4.49 shipping. Harbor Breeze Light Kits generally support dimming options, and you can use a universal Harbor Breeze remote to control both the light kit and the ceiling fan. Another place to verify if it is compatible with your brand or model is to check under the reviews of the item. Harbor Breeze Classic 52-in Indoor Home Ceiling Fan 5-Blade Revesible in White . Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. 52 Replacement Blade Arm Repair Parts Dan S Fan City Ceiling Fans Accessories. 99. $4.99. Some of the options available at Lowes include: The blades can be replaced by a universal blade set that will fit most Harbor Breeze models ranging from 42 inches up to 52 inches with the blade length being 18.6 inches. View and Download Harbor Breeze 40093 manual online. Signs of a bad capacitor in a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan can include: If you have any of the above problems then it can’t hurt to change out the capacitor, it’s only a 5-minute job and you can get one at a very good price on Amazon. C $8.41. However, when we checked eBay there were some available at the time of writing this post. After trying a number of different searches, I found this search to be the best: Harbor Breeze Replacement Parts (Affiliate link to Amazon). Make sure that the light kit wire pin connections on the mounting bracket are connected correctly. Common Harbor Breeze Replacement Parts: Light Kits; Ceiling fan blades – warped blades, bent blades; Motor replacement – If the ceiling fan is making noises, like humming noises. All Rights Reserved. Brand(s) HARBOR BREEZE (25) WAREHOUSE OF TIFFANY (56) MONTE CARLO FAN COMPANY (49) KENDAL LIGHTING (16) ATRON (15) WESTINGHOUSE (14) CANARM (13) HUNTER (10) … I have a Harbor Breeze bathroom fan model 80200 and the motor froze up. Receiver included . First of all, you can visit harborbreezeoutlet.com to see if the ceiling fan part is not available on our website. The model number is usually a five-digit number and may look something like this: Model #40957 (this example is for the Harbor Breeze Coastal Creek Ceiling Fan), The item number is usually a 6 digit number and may look something like this: Item #803770 (this example is for the Harbor Breeze Coastal Creek Ceiling Fan). If you are desperate for this item then you could also try going to a seller on Amazon or eBay who sell Harbor Breeze items and ask them about an end cap. I thought it would be helpful to find out how extensive the parts that are available for purchase are for the Harbor Breeze brand. These Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remotes will make your life easier and … They can be contacted on Phone: +1 800-527-1292. Scroll down to the ceiling fan description, then on the right-hand side, there should be a downloadable link for the installation guide in PDF format. Check the gallery below: I include eBay because although I feel it is not as good as the two options above, it still nonetheless offers a number of parts and new ceiling fans at reasonable prices. Also online you will find part repositories, where you can purchase a replacement part and have it shipped out to your address. The downrod has the responsibility to attach the fan to the ceiling so it is a necessary part to purchase. At the time of writing this article, their company website LitexIndustries.com was under construction – more than likely being updated. eBay does have a number of listings though that have a buy now option so you might just be able to find your part on eBay if you weren’t successful on Amazon. It’s important again to use the right search term on eBay to locate your replacement part. You can call Harbor Breeze at (888) 434-3797 toll free number, write an email, fill out a contact form on their website harbor-breeze-ceiling-fans.com, or write a letter to Lowe’s Companies, Inc, 1000 Lowe’s Boulevard, Mooresville, North … medianet_versionId = "3111299"; link to Hampton Bay Patio Heater Replacement Parts: Where and How to Locate, Harbor Breeze Replacement Parts: Ceiling Fan, Globes, Blades, Remotes – Litex Industries (https://youtu.be/PAkK4RhIh0A), Harbor Breeze 5 Pack Reversible Ceiling Fan Blades, Harbor Breeze 3 light alabaster incandescent light kit, Harbor Breeze 2 light ceiling fan light kit in either brass, bronze, brushed nickel or white, Harbor Breeze 4 Light Bronze Incandescent Light Kit, Harbor Breeze 1 light LED light kit in white, bright brass and antique brass, Harbor Breeze Calera 1 light aged bronze light kit, Harbor Breeze Tilghman II 2 light bronze LED light kit, The ceiling fan turns slowly or not at all on all of the different speeds, Ceiling Fan will not start however, will spin if it is started by hand, Certain speeds on the ceiling fan are slow or do not work, The ceiling fan motor hums and will turn freely by hand however, it will not spin. However, if you are unsure just check the questions and answers on the sellers listing or the reviews on the sellers listing. Need a Hampton Bay Replacement Part or Need a Hampton Bay Item Fixed. We will try to help you as much as possible to find the replacement part that you need. Watch; Harbor Breeze Baja Ceiling Fan Mount Parts. We do try to find the replacement Harbor Breeze parts and post them to the website as well. Compare; Find My Store. Make sure you also check the pin connection on the mounting bracket. Share. Dip Switches . Phone 713-825-2376 979-553-4433: contents © gulffans ceiling fan parts 1999.. C $57.79. Decorative housing; Yoke; Motor screws; Blade holder; Blade holder screws; Glass; These are all the basic parts of the ceiling fan. medianet_width = "300"; However, if you are having a remote problem, you should go through all of the troubleshooting first. They are the manufacturers of the Harbor Breeze brand and carry... Continue Reading. The blades come in a 5 pack and are reversible with pure white on one side and oak finish on the other side. However, it is not imperative to use a fan with a downrod, you can also choose the best Harbor Breeze … to complete the … For replacement remotes, I would only recommend Amazon as there are plenty of Universal Remotes that work just fine on the Harbor Breeze models. We will go through the procedure step by step below and give you a number of other very good options and places to locate your part, so please keep reading. In fact, after checking eBay I found more than 20 different styles: The end cap usually covers the place where a light kit would normally be attached. If replacing the capacitor of your Harbor Breeze fan, make sure you know what the make and model of your fan is. Being too specific, such as ‘Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Parts’ will leave you with no or few results. I'm Juan Paul, the guy behind HamptonLightingAdvice. All; Auction; Buy It Now; Sort: Best Match. You will have to make sure that your drill holes are absolutely correct, but getting it correct can make an old fan new again. The list including but not limited to is given below: Harbor Breeze fan Blades and arms; Remote of Harbor Breeze; Fan Down rods or couplers; Harbor Breeze fan globes and shades; Harbor Breeze light kits; Pull chains; Harbor Breeze Capacitors; Mounting hardware; Ceiling Fan Wire extension Cord Also for: 40091, 40092. Contacting the manufacturer of Harbor Breeze fans is an option, but in my opinion you will have more luck looking elsewhere for those parts. When making the call , you will be presented with a number of options, its important to select the following options below: Option 1: English then Option 2: Harbor Breeze, Remember that the customer support phone number is available Monday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Eastern Standard EST). C $19.64 shipping. Many of you may not know that Harbor Breeze fans are actually manufactured by a company based in Texas, United States, called Litex Industries. Harbor Breeze, being the house brand of Lowe’s is supported by them. Amazon carries many parts. Universal . Our call was answered promptly and politely and we didn’t have to wait or be put on hold. Tilghman II 2-Light Bronze LED Ceiling Fan Light Kit . Just take a look at the reviews on the Amazon listings and you will see that many Harbor Breeze ceiling fan owners have found the remotes from Amazon to work just fine. Lowe's is the seller of Harbor Breeze fans - it is their house brand, so they are the only ones with access to the parts most of the time. Whats people lookup in this blog: Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Light Socket Replacement Parts Lower the ceiling fan canopy and check the downrod assembly to make sure all of the screws are tight. The capacitors we found on Amazon are a universal capacitor compatible with most Harbor Breeze models. If your fan is wobbling it could be making noise for this reason also. At the time of writing this article, there were over 140 parts being listed. for casablanca, hunter, homestead, and most all fan brands. Generally, the parts diagram will show you all the working parts that come with your fan in an illustrative way. A nice thing with the manual is that they also list all of the replacement parts and give the item number to make it easy when ordering. Contractor's Assistant: I'll do all I can to help. Compare; Find My Store. Here is what we will cover in this article: This article is designed to be your one-stop place to get all the information you will need to ensure you get any part you might need for your Harbor Breeze item so please read on. New (Other) C $13.13. Hampton Bay Patio Heater Replacement Parts: Where and How to Locate. Sort By Featured. If your ceiling fan is operating only at one speed no matter what buttons you are pushing then chances are you are going to be needing a new capacitor. You can also try posting online to the many different online communities. Armitage 52-in Bronze LED Indoor Flush Mount Ceiling Fan (5-Blade) Item #1133113. $18.97 $ 18. … I have found that using the search term: ‘Harbor Breeze Part’ to be the best search term to return the most results. Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans, Harbor Breeze Parts. The part number is always good, but if you don’t have that, take a look at the side of the box to determine the make and model of the fan. This number is the Lowes Harbor Breeze Support number. Buy Fan Parts; Contact Us; Contact Us. The switch on the wall may be turned off, make sure it is turned on. The capacitor is an easy find on Amazon with pretty much 70 or more available through various sellers. Time: ending soonest; Time: newly listed; Price + Shipping: lowest first; Price + Shipping: highest first ; Distance: nearest first; View: List View. 40093 fan pdf manual download. I have checked Amazon, but they really don’t carry much for Harbor Breeze. Gallery View. Its important to note that Harbor Breeze ceiling fans are made in China with the main manufacturer being Litex Industries in the United States. However, many of the listings are done on a bidding basis so although you might get a better deal, you are going to have to wait until the auction is closed to be able to get the part, and that is if you have won the auction, whereas with Amazon you can buy it right away. If you prefer to use email then you might like to email them using the email address: ascs@lowes(dot)com. In doing so, you also need to check that the capacitor is compatible with your make and model. The only other way that I can think of for finding a replacement part is to try Craigslist.org. I've been the owner of several Products from Hampton Bay over the last few years and have become obsessed with them. 0 bids. We had to wait over 5 minutes before anyone answered the phone, and then the person who answered was not very helpful. There are many other online communities to ask a question too, such as the Home Depot online community. There is a faulty wire connection. I've been interested in Home Decor over the last few years and have become obsessed with improving my knowledge of the industry. Parts for ceiling fans, electronic modules, switches, etc. The options I have mentioned above are far better for getting the part you may be needing. However, I really feel that the recommendations already mentioned above should be sufficient to locate just about any replacement part you may be needing. This function will cause your fan to stop working if the watts exceed 190 watts. Many Harbor Breeze ceiling fans ship with light kits, however if your fan does not have one you first have to check – is the fan light kit adaptable? I'm Juan Paul, the guy behind HamptonLightingAdvice. They may have contacts where they are manufactured and may well be able to get you the right part. Check your light bulb wattage, and make sure that the watts don’t exceed a total of 190 watts, since the ceiling fan has a built-in energy-saving limiter function. Below is a video of our call to Lowes for information on Harbor Breeze replacement parts. You should explore all other options before you decide to replace the motor on your fan. or Best Offer +$5.00 shipping. If you still have the documentation that came with the fan, try taking a look inside to see if there is a parts list that can be utilized. If your ceiling fan light is not turning on then the signal is not being sent to the ceiling fan – you will need to adjust the frequency dip switch settings on the remote control and on the ceiling fan itself. 4. Prime Eligible . However, because this is an in-depth article, I will include this additional option just to make the article complete. CROSSWINDS CEILING FAN. To get any part replaced for your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan you will need to call Litex Industries based in Texas on 1 800 527 1292. The search term I would recommend using is ‘Harbor Breeze’ once you have selected the appropriate city. Finding a replacement for your blade is a hard nut to crack, you need to match the blades to the décor. 1-48 of 53 Results. Home Depot also carries many parts that are useful. medianet_crid = "769641154"; Harbor breeze 60 watt white ceiling fan lamp candelabra socket harbor breeze mazon 44 in brushed nickel indoor flush mount more than 70 000 lowe s ceiling fans recalled because the blades harbor breeze newbern 52 in brushed nickel indoor ceiling fan with. Sort By Featured. Harbor Breeze. Your Name (required) Your Email (required) Subject. Check out some of the items below on eBay: Lowes also stock the Harbor Breeze ceiling fans and along with the new ceiling fan models they also carry a great deal of replacement parts. Check for the proper bulb wattage and make sure that the total power of the all the light bulbs is less than 190 watts. Contact Harbor Breeze customer service. End caps; Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remotes I harbor breeze (lowes) ceiling fan , I have a harbor breeze (lowes) ceiling fan for which the light portion (but not the fan) recently stopped - … Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan replacement parts - white canopy ball hang mount. What I find Craigslist good for is placing wanted ads and letting people contact you if they have what you are looking for. Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Replacement Parts Harbor breeze ceiling fan repair, Harbor breeze ceiling fan repair advice and information.. Item #745359. You will need to consult a (link)dip switch setting diagram and adjust the settings and then reprogram the fans as necessary. It is unlikely that you would ever have to replace this part, as it is non-moving and non-electrical. After doing a great deal of research on the Harbor Breeze brand of ceiling fan I thought it would be really helpful to create an in-depth article on where and how to get any Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Replacement Part for your Harbor Breeze item, including replacement remotes. Located in Damon, Texas. If your fan is wobbling it could be making noise for this reason also. It is also a 5-pack. Harbor Breeze . If you prefer to speak to a person then you can call their customer service for Harbor Breeze here: Harbor Breeze support team – 1 (800) 643-0067. Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Troubleshooting And Remote Reseting Mr Fix It Handyman Service Of Jacksonville . Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Light Replacement, Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote Troubleshooting, Harbor Breeze LCD Ceiling Fan Remote Control, Ceiling fan blades – warped blades, bent blades. for pricing and availability. Eogifee 35T Ceiling Fan Remote Control Replacement of Harbor Breeze KUJCE9603 FAN-35T. Harbor Breeze can be contacted by calling the manufacturer Litex Industries on 1 800 527 1292, They can also be contacted through Lowes on 1 (800) 643-0067 and through Fanimation ceiling fans on 1-888-434-3797. Harbor Breeze. Although that may change after the time of writing this article. You will have to register with Craigslist to place a ‘wanted’ ad. Item #1100336. Therefore, if you can’t find the right light kit to go with your fan, or not sure if you can mount a light kit with it, you could always replace the fan. A light kit is a great addition to any existing ceiling fan. The globes are available on Amazon using the search term: ‘Harbor Breeze Globe’ (Affiliate link to Amazon) however if you don’t happen to find any then give Litex Industries a call, they are sure to have them. Compare; Find My Store. View and Download Harbor Breeze PORTES LP8293LAZ installation manual online. You can get a lot of valuable information by scanning the review of the replacement item you are looking at buying. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller From United States.

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